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Chiefs defense expected to honor Eric Berry by taping fingers

Eric Berry always wears tape on his fingers so the Chiefs defense will reportedly do the same.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Some members of the Kansas City Chiefs defense are expected to be wearing tape on their fingers in the same way that Eric Berry has done in order to acknowledge their teammate who is battling the discovery of a mass in his chest feared to be lymphoma.

ESPN's Britt McHenry reported that the Chiefs defense will "likely" wear the finger tape, which is a great way for the Chiefs to give a nod to Berry. I was wondering how the Chiefs would honor him after his season ended following the possible diagnosis and this is the most original way to do that. Great idea by the Chiefs defense.

You can see the tape Berry usually wears in the picture above. He has done so at least dating back to his days at Tennessee.

Also, about that finger tape, Ochocinco said this a while back:

UPDATE: Chiefs players are also wearing these shirts, and Berry's favorite red-on-red uniforms

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