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Chiefs still don't have a WR touchdown, keep winning anyway

That the Chiefs don't have a touchdown pass to a wide receiver is odd but it hasn't stopped them from winning games.

Peter Aiken

As each week goes on more will be made of the odd stat that the Kansas City Chiefs still do not have a touchdown catch from a wide receiver yet. Alex Smith has thrown 11 touchdowns but they have all gone to tight ends (6), running backs (5) and Anthony Fasano laying on the ground.

Stats like this make it seem like it's bad ...

... but it hasn't really affected the bottom line. The Steelers are scoring 27.6 points per game. The Chiefs are scoring 25 points per game. That's a difference of less than three points per game while the Steelers have a plus-17 differential in wide receiver touchdown catches.

I don't know why a receiver doesn't have a touchdown. Ben Roethlisberger has 23 touchdown passes to Alex Smith's 11 touchdown passes so that's obviously part of it. I would bet that one of Smith's next 12 touchdown passes is to a receiver. Part of it is just (bad) luck -- in the last game alone, AJ Jenkins took a pass to the 1-yard line and Dwayne Bowe caught one at the 5-yard line. The offense is still moving the ball and scoring points ... so I don't know what to tell you. It's like the Chiefs not allowing a rushing touchdown this season. It's just a weird stat.

I like to think the numbers will revert back to the norm and we'll see a surge of touchdown catches from Dwayne Bowe in the second half of the season. But if they don't? More for Travis Kelce!

(Note: Some of you have asked about De'Anthony Thomas' touchdown against the 49ers. That was labeled a rush, according to

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