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Priest Holmes thought it would be cool to have his name on Arrowhead Stadium Ring of Honor

Priest Holmes reacts to his entry into the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame.

Priest Holmes came to the Chiefs in 2001. He was not an immediate start but it did come pretty quickly. You don't realize it at the time but what Priest was doing in his time in Kansas City was breaking some of the Chiefs records, including all-time rushing yards, which Jamaal Charles just re-broke two weeks ago.

He was good enough to be on a first-name basis with the city. Every knows now who Jamaal is and back then everyone knew who Priest was.

Priest entered the Chiefs Hall of Fame this weekend and the Chiefs put his name on Arrowhead Stadium's Ring of Honor. He reacted to the moment below (via quotes from the Chiefs).

"I was pretty excited," Priest said. "I wouldn't look up the entire game. It hadn't been unveiled, but I wanted to wait until that time. Pretty exciting because I knew when I walked through these doors back in 2001 it was one thing I've always said. It would be cool to have your name up here in the stadium, what it would take, how long it would take, those are things I never really considered, but I knew as far as being aggressive, forward thinking and then just the work ethic I had that those were things that could definitely come into the future and it did."

Priest was asked about Jamaal breaking his franchise record for rushing yards just two weeks ago.

"As far as that goes with Jamaal," Priest said, "hats off to him. Former Longhorn as well. We pride ourselves in having something to have to do with running backs out of Texas. Not only that, but records are meant to be broken. I have had a share of records that I've been able to break. Marshall Faulk, Emmitt Smith some of the players I looked up to, but it's always about setting that bar a little bit further up and I definitely think he's done that."

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