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NFL picks Week 13: Chiefs over Broncos isn't a very popular pick

A collection of picks and predictions on the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday night.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are 1.5-point underdogs against the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football but judging by the expert picks this week you would think they were 10-point favorites. Only a few people are picking the Chiefs to beat the Broncos this week, which is understandable after the last time folks saw the Chiefs they were losing to the Raiders on Thursday Night Football. Chiefs fans are hoping that extra time off will help though.

The Arrowhead Pride staff put their picks here. I have the Chiefs losing but I'm fairly certain it will be a close game as it usually is. And I would love to be wrong about that whole losing thing.

Let's round up some of the other NFL picks out there for Week 13.

ESPN (3 of 14 picks Chiefs)

Yahoo Sports (1 of 3 picked Chiefs)

CBS Sports (0 of 8 pick Chiefs) (0 of 5 pick Chiefs)

USA Today (1 of 7 pick Chiefs)

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