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Broncos vs. Chiefs: This would be a good time for a De'Anthony Thomas or Knile Davis return TD

The Chiefs are facing a high powered offense and will need to score points against the Broncos. De'Anthony Thomas and Knile Davis can help with that on special teams.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs' De'Anthony Thomas has been so fun to watch and Andy Reid is actually using him in the most effective way. He's a bolt of lightning with the ball in his hand and so dangerous that Reid figures him into the game plan even when he's not touching the ball. He can be a decoy but if you treat him like a decoy he will make you pay.

DAT has much more room to grow on offense. Just last week he played his career high 33 snaps. The Chiefs then signed Jason Avant, who will presumably take away some of those snaps in the slot. But the Chiefs are working DAT into the game plan, which is important.

What's also important is DAT on special teams. While he has yet to score a touchdown, he does have a 78-yard kick return and in the preseason he had a punt returned for a touchdown. The talent is obviously there. It's so obvious that the Chiefs have allowed DAT to return some kicks even though that had previously been Knile Davis' territory.

Facing the Broncos on Sunday night would a great time for DAT to pick up that special teams touchdown. The Broncos offense is good enough that it's reasonable to think that the Chiefs will need a non-offensive touchdown. Currently DAT presents the best opportunity for a non-offensive touchdown (until a corner steps in front of a Peyton Manning pass, then that's the best opportunity).

I'm spending all this time talking about DAT but ultimately I don't really care who returns a kick or a punt for a touchdown. Knile Davis already has one this season, and in Week 13 last in Denver he returned one 108 yards for the score. He's obviously a candidate to do the same ... he just doesn't have a nickname that's fun to say like DAT ( ... Fury of the Knile?).

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