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Jim Kelly's advice to Chiefs' Eric Berry: 'Just stay tough'

Former Bills QB Jim Kelly, who has cancer, addressed the news that Eric Berry might have lymphoma.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As many of you know former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly was diagnosed with cancer last summer. He's doing well enough these days to be eating Thanksgiving turkey, Kelly told the Rich Eisen Show today. While Kelly was there, he was also asked about Eric Berry's possible lymphoma diagnosis.

Here's what Kelly said about Berry (via the Rich Eisen Show):

"Yeah I found out about it from a number of different people, and I have some people that live in Kansas City that texted me also," Kelly said. "And thing is, you know, you don't know what tomorrow holds and in some cases what you do about it is what counts. I've got to be honest with you, at the beginning I didn't want to do anything about it. I wanted to keep it personal because I am a private person, but my wife said "Jim, you can make a difference" and we've made a difference when my son was diagnosed.

"And Eric, by what he's going through now, number one: take care of yourself. Worry about one person, that's yourself right now because you've got to be able to fight through this, be strong through it. And for him, he's got to know that he's got people around him that are going to help him through this and I'm one of them. Just stay tough, I mean that's our make up when you're a professional athlete, especially football because it's such a physical sport.

Don't complain, just go through it in detail and let the good lord take it where it's going to go, because you never know. -Jim Kelly

"We go through things and you try to fight through it, whether it's you know, you hurt a knee, you hurt a shoulder, you pull a hamstring, there's always pain we have in our life and some people can handle it better than others. And the only thing I can tell him is live each day to its fullest, enjoy yourself, and even though you're going through some tough times, there's always somebody else out there that has it worse off than you. Don't complain, just go through it in detail and let the good lord take it where it's going to go, because you never know.

"But Eric, my prayers go out to you. We already started a prayer chain for him hoping he gets through this and that he has good support around him because, Rich, that's what pulled me through. Not only my family with my wife and daughters and my brothers, but the city of Buffalo rallied behind me. And I know the way Chiefs fans are and they will rally behind him."

Indeed, an entire city (and more) is already behind him.

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