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NFL power rankings 2014: Kansas City Chiefs are around the top 10

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What the power rankings around the web say about the Chiefs.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are a top 10 team according to some 2014 NFL power rankings while others have them just outside of the top 10. That seems about right for the 7-4 Chiefs, who just lost to the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night. The fun part about this week is that the Chiefs power ranking spot will change quite a bit by this time next week. The Chiefs host the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football. A win and they're for real, moving up the rankings. A loss and they are who we thought they were.

Here's what they're saying about the Chiefs in power rankings this week...

SB Nation: 8

The Chiefs have that defense, but questions about that passing game remain.

CBS Sports: 11

I've been saying it all season long: They just don't throw it good enough to be a real Super Bowl threat. The run defense is iffy too.

ESPN: 12

The Chiefs are allowing a league-worst 5.0 yards per rush this season. They've also allowed only two rushing touchdowns this season, half as many as every other team. Hmmm. 8

Wow. What else do you say? Soon as I started using #ChiefsKingdom in these rankings, K.C. was doomed. Of course, that shoddy run defense in the first half didn't help matters. Kansas City finally gave up a rushing touchdown -- two, in fact. At least the wide receivers made up for it by not scoring (again).

Yahoo: 9

Prayers go out for Eric Berry for a full recovery.

Pro Football Talk: 13

A franchise that has fought through plenty of adversity in recent years has another challenge in Eric Berry’s illness.