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FanDuel promo code: Join our FanDuel league for Week 13, get 100% deposit bonus

Use the Fanduel promo code SBNATION32 for a deposit bonus

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In the interest of Thanksgiving and sharing and all that, our Arrowhead Pride Fanduel league for Week 13 will be an SB Nation-wide Fanduel league. The league will include users from all of SB Nation's blogs and the first league this week will be for just the Thanksgiving day games.

It's $5 to join while the top 81 finishers will be paid out, including $200 to first place

Pro tip: Use the SBNATION32 promo code for first time users to get a deposit bonus.

You can join the game right here.

The league starts Thursday morning and ends Thursday night.

There are three Thanksgiving Day games this week:

Bears-Lions: The Bears top two receivers, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, are always good options. The Lions have been terrible on offense lately so I'm not sure I would pick anyone there.

Eagles-Cowboys: The Eagles are a fun Fanduel team because they score a lot of points but the Cowboys run game will try to slow this down. I have no idea if you should pick Mark Sanchez or not. So up and down.

Seahawks-49ers: Russell Wilson has been a good Fanduel player but the 49ers shut down his rushing attack, which is a big part of his game. I would think about Frank Gore in this game given the way the Chiefs ran over the Seahawks a couple weeks ago.

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