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Hank Stram's family say they have his Super Bowl ring

Rod Hanna-USA TODAY Sports

On the day of the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Oakland Raidersan ESPN report from Darren Rovell stated that the only Super Bowl ring owned by the late Hank Stram, who won Super Bowl IV as the Chiefs coach, was going up for sale in an auction.

That story is still true today ... if you take out the part about the only Super Bowl ring owned by the late Hank Stram going up for sale in an auction. It is not the only ring and it's not the ring, according to the Stram family.

The Stram family issued a statement on the report via the Chiefs just a few days ago (I'm catching up):

"There has been recent speculation regarding my father, Coach Hank Stram, and his Super Bowl ring that was awarded to him after the 1970 win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV," son Dale Stram said.

"Upon his death, my father bequeathed his awarded Super Bowl IV ring to me. I am presently the sole and legal owner of the ring, which remains in my possession. This is an unequivocal statement that I treasure my father's Super Bowl IV ring and I will retain it for my lifetime."

Darren Rovell's story has changed to reflect it's "not the official [ring] Stram received for winning the Super Bowl" but his story doesn't have any corrections noted so I'm not completely sure what he changed and re-reported.

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