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Here's how Jason Avant can add value to Kansas City Chiefs offense

Nick Jacobs is a producer at Time Warner Cable SportsChannel. You can follow him on Twitter @Jacobs71 .

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Wide receiver Jason Avant is the new guy in town on a Kansas City Chiefs offense that needs a jolt. He isn't a burner who can turn a 10-yard slant into a 50-yard touchdown but he will help you move the sticks. The Chiefs offense isn't sexy with those long plays. They're here to eat up clock, keep the third down conversions in manageable third and five or less situations and take the occasional shot.

So what does Avant bring to the offense?

He runs the deep in. Catches and secures the ball thrown behind him and falls back into the endzone for the touchdown.

He goes in motion here and chips Brett Keisel before running the cross. He ends up gaining separation for the cross.

Avant runs the coverage back past the sticks to give him cushion. Sits down past the first down marker and finds the void.

Newman with illegal contact on Avant, who puts his out past five yards. Avant goes down to the ground but still gets up and makes himself available.

Same play still. Cam Newton gets flushed out of the pocket and Avant runs off and makes the catch.

The final play is a come back. Avant gives himself room to work by running off the corner. He runs past the sticks and toe taps for the catch.

Traits of Jason Avant

  • Smart route runner
  • Possession WR who will not burn a defense but can break a tackle
  • He can high point a football
  • Tough player and fearless over the middle
  • Solid on comeback, screens, crosses, slants and outs
  • He will not get separation on go routes. He lacks the speed for that. CB will stay on his hip pocket.
  • He has played in this offense and been coached by this staff longer than most have been in this system.

Chiefs receiving options

Burners: Charles, Thomas, Avery, Kelce

Possession: Bowe, Avant, Hemingway, Fasano

Savvy route runners: Avant, Fasano

Still finding role: Wilson, Hammond, Supernaw

Alex Smith is key to how much Avant can contribute. The two need to develop a chemistry quickly, which only comes by going through routes together. It's Week 12 but they can still develop timing and trust. Smith needs to know when he puts the ball in a spot that Avant will catch it and protect it, and he will make sure the defender has no chance of getting it. Smith needs to know if he is in trouble that Avant will break off his route and find a void in the coverage. Lastly, the two need to be on the same page about what they see in a coverage. That comes from communication, practice and studying film together. Let the catchup begin.

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