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How many more wins do the Kansas City Chiefs need?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is a tough question after that loss but it's also a good question because the Chiefs may have to win the rest of their games to win the division (not so with the Wild Card).

So let's say the Chiefs win out the rest of their games (Broncos, at Cardinals, Raiders, at Steelers, Chargers). They would finish the season 12-4 after going on their second five-game winning streak this season. Let's ignore that this is unlikely to happen because the Chiefs will be 'dogs in at least two of their remaining games (Broncos, at Cardinals) if not more than that.

Here's where that Raider game gets really annoying. Because of the loss in Oakland, the Chiefs would still need some help to win the AFC West in that scenario. The Chiefs could tie the 7-3 Broncos in the standings by beating them next weekend but Denver would own the tiebreaker over the Chiefs (tiebreaker order for the division: head to head, division record, common games, AFC record).

The biggest takeaway from the Raiders loss is that it put a major dent in the Chiefs division title hopes, which means their hopes of playing a postseason game at Arrowhead. The Chiefs could have been in position to control a lot of their own destiny by winning that game and forcing a first place showdown with the Broncos next week.

Back to the headline. The Chiefs would have to upset the Broncos and Cardinals, and win key AFC games over the Steelers and Chargers. Because the Chiefs would possibly be going on the road if they make the playoffs, I would go with, "Road Tested And Ready".

OK, that's a dumb headline. Someone in the comments please help me.

So how many more games do the Chiefs need to win to make the playoffs?

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