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Kansas City Chiefs start mini-bye week before Denver Broncos game

After the loss to the Raiders, they get some extra time to prepare for the Broncos in Week 13.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The good thing to come out of the Chiefs loss to the Raiders? OK, there is no good thing. It was a bad loss, at least one of the two worst regular season losses in the Andy Reid era.

If you're dying to find something positive it's that the Chiefs now have a few extra days to prepare for their Week 13 Sunday Night Football matchup against the Denver Broncos, who play the Miami Dolphins this Sunday.

"There are some things you can learn from this and make you a better team," Reid said in a Monday conference call with reporters. "But you need to do that now."

We all know the stat about Andy Reid after the bye so here's to hoping the Chiefs use the extra time wisely. Considering Kansas City has not beaten Peyton Manning since he has been in Denver they can probably use that extra time. My expert analysis is that whatever game plan they put in against Seattle that had them starting so fast ... they should do that again.

I want to see some creativity in the offensive play calling that has De'Anthony Thomas and Travis Kelce involved (under the assumption that Jamaal Charles will be heavily involved no matter what). I also want to see the defense come up with a way to stop the run. The Broncos aren't known for their rushing attack and are beat up there but the Raiders were also the worst rushing team in the NFL. The Chiefs need to get that figured out.

This Broncos game remains a big one, but maybe more so for the Wild Card than the division. The Chiefs loss to the Raiders significantly diminished their chances of winning the AFC West but they're still right in the thick of the AFC Wild Card race.

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