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Which Chiefs loss is worse: Raiders or Titans?

Is this Chiefs loss worse than the Week 1 loss to the Titans?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the previously winless Oakland Raiders and this is miserable. So let's be miserable together.

The Chiefs 24-20 loss to the Raider looks like the worst loss of the season, at least on paper. The Raiders were 0-10 entering the game and the Chiefs had legitimate expectations ahead. There's no doubt this was a bad loss.

But I will contend that the Chiefs Week 1 loss to the Titans was worse, and more of an anomaly than this loss to the Raiders. The Raiders were winless but go look at their schedule. They're not getting blown out by everyone. They have taken respectable teams to the fourth quarter.

The Chiefs loss to the Raiders sucked but it wasn't all that different from the Buffalo win. The defense just made the fourth down stop in Buffalo and didn't in Oakland. There were at least some positives to take out of the Raiders game such as the offense coming back in the fourth quarter (never mind the problem with them being down 17-3 to begin with). The Titans loss was just awful all around.

We decide things with polls around here so vote below. Which one was worse?

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