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Join the Arrowhead Pride Fanduel league for Week 12

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You would think since I run a Chiefs blog I would be good at picking fantasy players. Apparently you are wrong! I did not do very well in last week's Arrowhead Pride Fanduel league but clearly this is the week I make my triumphant return.

You can click here to join the Arrowhead Pride Fanduel league this week.

It's an Arrowhead Pride league so if you have a user name feel free to use it so we know who you are. This week's game is $5 to enter. There are $400 in winnings.

Once you've entered, you're given a $60,000 salary cap to fill out your team. You can pick the best players like Peyton Manning but they're also the most expensive, which will leave you less cap space for other players. You need to find a few of the Travis Kelces and Jonas Grays of the world where they're a little cheaper but still offer high upside. Gray was a cheap running back last week who ran four 200 yards and four touchdowns.

Note that you can't pick Chiefs players this week since they're on Thursday. We'll just wait to pick them for Broncos week.

There are only 88 spots in the Arrowhead Pride league and we fill it up every week so hop in if you want to play'.

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