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Chiefs' Andy Reid says you better be ready for the Black Hole

Chiefs coach Andy Reid talks about heading into Oakland to play the Raiders.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Outside of the Week 1 loss to the Titans, the Chiefs haven't looked past any team. They have, mostly, beaten the teams that they should. That's something to consider this week as the Chiefs prepare to face the 0-10 Raiders. It's an easy game to look past as you anxiously await the Broncos game.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid told the Oakland media this week (via the Raiders) that you can throw the records out when it comes to this game, the 111th meeting between the Chiefs and Raiders.

"When you go to the Black Hole, you better be ready," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. "We know that. That's a given, and this is a great rivalry that's far exceeded my time as a head football coach in this league, so we understand that these are two competitive football teams when they play each other. The records, you just throw the record out."

Nah, I want to remember the records for this. Like 2-0, the Chiefs record against Oakland under Andy Reid. The Chiefs beat the Raiders by 17 and 25 points last year, scoring a combined 80 points against the Raiders. The Chiefs offense is unquestionably better this year than it was last year.

"There's a very small margin between winning and losing in the National Football League, we understand that," Reid said.

On paper ... the Chiefs are the better team. No one is disputing this. But the Chiefs wouldn't be playing a first place game if it weren't for the Rams beating the Broncos, which is an upset of similar sizes as the Raiders beating the Chiefs would be.

Andy Reid told the Oakland media that the Raiders games have been "close through three quarters". But the Raiders haven't been able to close it out. That's funny because it's similar to something Marty Schottenheimer has said in the past -- hang with the Raiders long enough and let them blow it in the fourth quarter.

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