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Chiefs-Broncos looks like a huge game, but KC can't look past Raiders this week

The Chiefs and Broncos are setting up for a huge game in Week 13. But first Kansas City must take care of business in Oakland.

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I called into the Amateur Hour postgame show after the Chiefs beat the Seahawks and it seemed all we talked about was Sunday night, November 30, at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs host the Broncos on Sunday Night Football, which could be for first place.

Before the Chiefs play that game, however, they'll visit Oakland to face the Raiders. As you know, Oakland is the only winless team in the NFL. The Chiefs are touchdown favorites on the road. They should win that game.

But you know who else should have won? The Broncos. They should have beaten the Rams on Sunday to stay a game ahead of the Chiefs. That game is a great reminder not to take any games lightly, not to look past anyone.

The Chiefs showed the score of the Broncos game at Arrowhead as the game was winding down and there were a bunch of cheers after it popped up on the Jumbotron. Some Chiefs players said after the game that they noticed the score as the Arrowhead Stadium operators showed it. Others said they came back to the locker room and checked the score on their phone. Everyone was aware of the final score to that game.

We asked several players for their reaction to the Broncos loss, and almost everyone stopped us and pointed out that the Chiefs play the Raiders this weekend, not the Broncos. Chiefs players know in their heads that they can't look past the Raiders, whether they're 0-10 or not. That's an easy thing to say, but probably a harder thing to actually do given that the Chiefs and Broncos game on Sunday night will likely be one of the biggest games this season.

It's OK for the fans to look past the Raiders and to the Broncos. But Chiefs players need to stay focused on a short week to ensure they beat the Raiders and set up the game of the year at Arrowhead on November 30.

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