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Which game on the Kansas City Chiefs schedule matters the most?

The one game on the Chiefs remaining schedule that matters the most ...

Well, Marshall, there are a few options on the Kansas City Chiefs 2014 schedule.

Week 14 vs. the Cardinals looks like a huge game. The Cardinals have the best record in the NFL. Bruce Arians is such a good head coach that you know they will be tough with or without Carson Palmer, who tore his ACL last week. But this is an AFC-NFC game so it doesn't have the same implications of a game like last week against the Bills.

Week 16 vs. the Steelers also looks like a monster game because of playoff implications. The Steelers are right in the hunt, and they'll host the Chiefs in the second to last game of the season. There's no question this will have major AFC playoff implications.

Week 17 vs. the Chargers will also be a big one for obvious reasons. The Chiefs and Chargers played in the last game of the season last year. The Chargers won and it sent them to the playoffs. We could be heading for a similar scenario this year (let's hope the Chiefs are resting their starters again after wrapping up a playoff spot early).

The question though is which one maters the most. The answer to the question is Week 13 vs. the Broncos. This will have not only AFC Wild Card implications but quite possibly AFC West implications as well. The Chiefs are just a game behind the Broncos. What once seemed impossible (winning the division), now doesn't seem totally out of the picture, especially given the way the Chiefs have played over the last seven weeks.

There's more than that though. The Broncos are the Chiefs biggest rival. Kansas City has beaten Peyton Manning one time ever, and haven't beaten him while he's been in a Broncos uniform. For those reasons, Week 13 vs. Denver is the game that matters the most to the Chiefs.

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