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Join the Arrowhead Pride Fanduel league for Week 11

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I'm still waiting for my big win in the Arrowhead Pride Fanduel. It's tough to sell you on my expertise when I finish 75th out of 80 players but whatever. I'm going to win one of these days.

If you would like to join the AP Fanduel league for this week, click here. There are cash winnings for the top players.

As I've said before, Fanduel is fun because you get a salary cap and must fill out your team within your salary cap. It's also great because it's week-to-week so if you're one of those season-long fantasy players who bails on their team when they go in the gutter, this game is for you.

The secret for Chiefs players in Fanduel this week is Travis Kelce. With Anthony Fasano sitting out practice on Wednesday nursing a knee injury, it's possible that Kelce will have a larger role.

"The beginning of the year we kind of kept the packages a little bit smaller and then we've added to it, and he's really caught up to speed with the whole deal right now," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said of Kelce this week.

The problem with me mentioning this on a Chiefs blog is that everyone is going to buy Kelce in our Fanduel so I may have to take a different strategy here.

Click it here if you want to play.

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