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Chiefs' Anthony Sherman named AFC special teams player of the week

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Congrats to KC Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman who has been named the AFC special teams player of the week.

Obviously this comes as a result of his terrific play to help force and recover a fumble on the Bills punt return last weekend. That was a key play for the Chiefs in their 17-13 victory over Buffalo. The Chiefs probably don't win without that play.

I'm not even sure this was the most impressive part of Sherman's day. The Chiefs before the game lost tight end Demetrius Harris to a broken foot so it was Sherman who stepped in and took over his role.

"We didn't have to change anything," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Monday. "It was that simple. And we have a pretty big package in that three tights. So he stepped in and did all of it. He didn't blink a bit; we still had production from that grouping."