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Chiefs' Andy Reid on what Veterans Day means to him

It's Veterans Day so it's an appropriate time to hear from Kansas City Chiefs head coach on what this day means to him. Speaking to the media on Monday, Reid took a minute to talk about what Veterans Day means to him.

"I think it's awesome," Reid said. "You see the support that's going on throughout the league. I'm proud of the National Football League for caring so much. You look around and we're wearing camouflage out there - guys have towels and coaches have hats and the green gear that we're wearing.

"But these are people that protect our country that allow us to do what we get to do - all of us in this room, which is pretty special. So I think it's a great tribute to the people risking their lives for us to have America the way it is. It's a beautiful thing."

Most people probably know a veteran. For me that would be Mrs. Arrowhead Pride's brothers. Who is the veteran you know?

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