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Jets vs. Chiefs 2014: Is Michael Vick better than Geno Smith?

Five questions with the enemy, SB Nation's Jets blog, Gang Green Nation.

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As we continue to prepare for game day, I talked with John B over at SB Nation's Jets blog, Gang Green Nation about Sunday's Jets-Chiefs game.

These Jets folks have a realistic take on their team, both from John and in their comments section at Gang Green Nation. The Jets are 1-7 and sometimes when your team sucks, you just need to say they suck. I hate to say it but this Jets team reminds me of the Brodie Croyle / Damon Huard / Tyler Thigpen era in Kansas City where you're just searching and hoping for answers. I can feel their pain.

Let's get to it. Five questions with Gang Green Nation's John B.

While I'm not sure Vick could possibly be worse than Smith, I don't think he'll be much of an improvement. -John B, Gang Green Nation
1. How ready were Jets fans for Michael Vick? What do you expect to be different?

GGN: Vick is in because Geno Smith has imploded. Vick adds the potential for more big plays with his running ability, but he has the same tendencies to turn the ball over as Smith. While I'm not sure Vick could possibly be worse than Smith, I don't think he'll be much of an improvement.

2. Are the Jets stronger against the rush or the pass?

GGN: The Jets are one of the toughest teams to run on in the league. They're tied for tops in the NFL allowing only 3.3 yards per run. On the flip side, they're one of the easiest teams to pass against. They have the worst opponent's quarterback rating, and they've allowed 22 passing touchdowns (against 1 interception). No other team has allowed more than 17.

3. If the Jets got the No. 1 pick, who is your choice right now?

GGN: Given the quarterback situation, you have to look strongly and Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. I need to see more to make a final determination. If I don't like either of them, the offense could use another playmaker so I'd lean to Amari Cooper.

4. Who is one Jets player on offense we don't know but should?

GGN: Running back Chris Ivory is a very tough runner. He runs through arm tackles and has a sneaky fast second gear. He could be a star, but he's dismal as a receiver and a blocker.

5. Who is one Jets player on defense we don't know but should?

GGN: I'd say defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, but you guys probably know him since he went to Missouri. I'll go with third year inside linebacker Demario Davis. He covers a lot of ground and has developed into a nice run stopper this year. He'll never be an All Pro, but he should be a quality starter for years to come.

Bonus: Prediction for the game?

GGN: From the Jets perspective I'll quote Mr. T and say, "Pain." I think Kansas City wins in a blowout.

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