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Jets call Alex Smith a game manager but in a good way (I think)

A game manager can be a good thing.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With so many great quarterbacks putting up such huge numbers around the league, the words "game manager" are often used as an insult to a quarterback. Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith is often called a game manager. Slowly but surely, however, that term is becoming a compliment.

Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson spoke to the media this week and he called Smith a game manager ...

"Game manager," Richardson said, via "Doesn't make mistakes. Protects the ball and lets his defense work for him. Manages the game. He's got a great running back (Jamaal Charles). He's just doing what he's supposed to do. Nine touchdowns to his tight ends, none to his wide receivers? Yeah, he's managing the game pretty well."

... I'm pretty sure that was meant as a compliment. You never can tell on these game manager comments without the video. Just comparing what he said to what the Jets have gotten out of Geno Smith, this has to be a compliment to Alex Smith.

That would actually be nine touchdown passes to backs and tight ends but you get the picture. Smith is playing within his means in the offense, which is what Andy Reid asks of him. Smith's stats will rarely get him in the headlines but for those who watch the game, they know that Smith can be exactly what the Chiefs need at times (and not at other times, but whatever).

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