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5 Kansas City Chiefs surprises through 5 games on the schedule

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What I didn't expect to see from the Chiefs so far this year.

Ezra Shaw

Now that the 2-3 Kansas City Chiefs are at the bye week we should take a few minutes to reflect on what we've seen in the past five weeks. To do that I have my five biggest surprises from the Chiefs so far this season. Add yours in the comments below.

1. The emergence of Travis Kelce

We were all excited about Travis Kelce. We had high hopes. His ability was clear as day. He looked terrific in the offseason. But .... until you see him prove it, you're really just guessing. Through five games Kelce has proved it in a big way. No one would bat an eye if I said he was the most important receiving threat on the team. That says a lot. We had expectations for the guy but this much exceeded even my expectations. Oh, and the touchdown dances are what propelled Kelce from No. 2 to No. 1 on this list. Touchdown dances always get extra credit from me.

2. The Titans game

Overall. Just everything about that game in general. Wasn't that a weird freakin' game? Jake Locker looking like an MVP candidate? Alex Smith throwing a very un-Alex Smith like three picks? That was a bad game and it came out of nowhere. Not only did it come out of nowhere, but we're probably not going to see that Chiefs team again. Everything we have seen from the Chiefs under Andy Reid is such an outlier compared to that Titans game. It is the worst game the Chiefs have played under Andy Reid, and I don't think it's all that close (historical playoff losses aside).

3. The lack of turnovers

The Chiefs didn't record their first turnover until Week 4 on Monday night against the Patriots. This is such a surprise because the Chiefs were a team that absolutely lived on turnovers last year. If you want to point to the biggest difference between last year and this, it's the turnovers. Currently, the Chiefs sit minus-three (26th in the NFL) after six giveaways and three takeaways.

4. Knile Davis can handle the load

You can't predict injuries. No one knew Jamaal Charles would injure his ankle in Week 2 and lead to Knile Davis getting an incredible 32 carries in Week 3. No one knew Davis would have back to back 100-yard games. Or that there would be a game where he would have just seven snaps and people would be upset about that. Jamaal Charles was the complete focal point of this backfield last year; between Davis and to a lesser extent Joe McKnight and De'Anthony Thomas, the Chiefs backfield has more talent than perhaps we first thought.

5. The offensive line holding up

I list them down here because they've obviously have their issues. Alex Smith has been sacked 13 times in five games, which isn't a number the Chiefs want to see. But remember in August? Remember how this was going to be the worst offensive line in history? Donald Stephenson was arguably the Chiefs best offensive lineman when he was suspended. When he returned from suspension, he didn't get his starting job back from his replacement. Again, the Chiefs offensive line clearly has their issues that need to be fixed but I am pleasantly surprised they are not as bad as we all feared.

Honorable mention: Crushing the Patriots

The Chiefs lost to the Denver Broncos by seven points, beat the New England Patriots by 27 points and lost to the San Francisco 49ers by five points. That's a plus-15 point differential against three of the four conference championship teams last year. Obviously, the Chiefs lost to two of those teams but beating New England was a big step for the Chiefs. It is the best win under Andy Reid. Never mind what people say about the Patriots dynasty falling off and pay attention to the people who have something to lose (the oddsmakers): New England still has the fourth best Super Bowl odds in the NFL. That was a great win by the Chiefs.

OK, which surprises did I forget?