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Chargers resurgence makes Chiefs job harder in AFC West

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The odds for Kansas City to take its own division now stands at 18/1, behind both the Broncos and Chargers.

Donald Miralle

The Kansas City Chiefs are in third place at 2-3 overall heading into the team's bye during Week 6, and the latest divisional odds from Bovada reflect the same results.

The Chiefs currently sit in third in odds to win the AFC West at 18/1 overall, behind the Denver Broncos at 1/3 and the San Diego Chargers at 12/5. The Oakland Raiders, just for the sake of laughs, stand at 300/1.

As for greater achievements than winning the West, the Chiefs' odds to win the AFC are now at 33/1, and odds to win the Super Bowl are at 75/1. Interestingly enough, the Chiefs were at 80/1 odds to win the Super Bowl back in early September. Last winter? The Chiefs were at 22/1.

The Seattle Seahawks and Broncos are the two favorite teams to repeat in this year's Super Bowl. Coming up next at 10/1, interestingly enough, are the New England Patriots, a team the Chiefs just dominated on Monday Night Football. The Green Bay Packers and Chargers are tied with the Patriots at 10/1 odds to win the Super Bowl.

It could be worse. The Jacksonville Jaguars are 2,500/1 odds to win the Super Bowl.