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Describe the Kansas City Chiefs in one word

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Marshall Faulk is asking us to use one word to describe the Kansas City Chiefs through the first five games of the season. Hmm ... what one word could that be?

OK, Marshall, I can't pick just one. Here are a few that come to mind. Let me know yours in the comments section.

Expected. The Chiefs are 2-3 through five weeks -- as many people expected. Of course, many people had the Chiefs beating the Titans in Week 1 but the Chiefs lost that game. Instead they won a game many thought they would lose against the Patriots on Monday Night Football. 2-3 is where many people had the Chiefs landing after five games.

Maddening. I mean this in a good way ... kind of. The Chiefs can be so, so good in a game. Andy Reid has had some drives where his play calling is on point and the Chiefs are rolling. But then Andy Reid won't go for it on 4th and 1 from midfield. Or he'll pass it on 3rd and 1 with the NFL's best running back duo behind him. It can be maddening sometimes.

Evolving. This might be the best one. The Chiefs offense is evolving into more two tight end sets. The Chiefs are slowly but surely adjusting to the personnel they have on their team, which is really important and how teams sustain longterm success.

How would you describe the Chiefs in one word?

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