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Kansas City Chiefs offense trying not to be predictable

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The Chiefs don't want their opponent to know what they're doing from week to week.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Being an NFL coach sounds like a neat idea with the money and the fame. But then you realize these guys are in the office until 10:30 p.m. each night studying tape and doing whatever it is that a coach does to hit 100-plus hours of working each week.

All that time spent watching tape is apparently valuable because teams put so much time and effort into studying their opponent. Chiefs QB coach Matt Nagy had a couple of interesting quotes about the Chiefs and how their opponent views them in his Tuesday media availability.

Nagy was asked about the wide receivers not leading the Chiefs in receiving this year.

"What happens is, I think Coach Reid and Coach Doug [Pederson] do a great job at really putting guys in position to where a team can't really find tendencies with you on offense," Nagy said Tuesday. "So guys are able to be in different spots and still maybe run the same route or be in the same spot and run a different route, so I think it's a good thing."

I remember during training camp one of the Chiefs receivers was talking about why it's so hard to learn Andy Reid's offense. He said that it was because Reid makes them learn every skill position on the field. The advantage to that is obvious -- you can move players around easier if they know everyone else's routes. That way, as Nagy says, you can avoid being predictable for the opponent.

"Yeah. I think that's a good thing because again," Nagy continued, "this game is so big with tendencies and coaches from all of these teams, they do such a good job of trying to figure out who you are going to go to, who are your targets. And I think that's one of our biggest strengths and one of Coach Reid's biggest strengths is to stay away from that."

This is why charting the Chiefs offense is so dang time consuming. Three tight end sets are only the newest wrinkle to be added. Reid has so many formations with so players lining up in different positions that it's hard to keep track of who is where. I bet those players are pretty interchangeable though so the focus becomes more on the system rather than the player.