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Kansas City Chiefs are banged up in the secondary entering the bye week

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs exited Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers with a handful of injuries, which Andy Reid addressed on Monday. The Chiefs are entering the bye week so they'll have some time to get healthier.

Here is the Chiefs latest injury update:

CB Phillip Gaines (concussion): "[He] should be okay, was feeling better last night by the time we got back," Reid said Monday.

CB Chris Owens (LCL sprain): "We'll just have to see how he does down the stretch here," Reid said. Other players have had LCL sprains and missed multiple weeks so I'll be curious to see how the Chiefs replace him if he does indeed miss time.

RB Cyrus Gray (fractured hand): "We'll just see how that goes -- potential surgery or just leaving the cast on there, couple options there, both of which he can come back relatively quick on and be ready to go," Reid said.

WR Donnie Avery (groin surgery): He missed last week's game. Week 7 will be about three weeks since he originally hurt it and over two weeks since he had the surgery (October 3).

S Eric Berry (high ankle sprain): Berry is "making progress" according to Reid. He has been out since the Chiefs Week 2 game vs. the Broncos. Just based on the timeline of other high ankle sprains around the league, you wonder if he can make it back for Week 7 in San Diego.