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Chiefs' Dee Ford responds to that play where he ran away from the ball

About that play of Dee Ford running the wrong way ...

Jamie Squire

SB Nation's 49ers blog Niners Nation had some fun with the bizarre play from Chiefs LB Dee Ford that had him running away from the ball. They said 49ers RB Frank Gore was playing some Jedi mind tricks on him. SB Nation took the time to break down the entire play with arrows and all.

By now everyone has seen the play (at the bottom) that has Ford running around looking lost. It made the rounds over the last couple of days. My favorite explanation of the play is that it was a Madden glitch.

Andy Reid was asked about it on Monday and knew which play was being referenced. Reid defended his player, of course.

"Yeah, he probably thought it was a play action there, at least that's the way it looked," Reid said. "I haven't had the chance to talk to him on that, but I know it probably didn't look the best, but listen, he did some good things too. He'll look back on that one say and I'm sure he'd say the same thing you're saying, what was I doing?"

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton was asked, too.

"He didn't read the play right," Sutton said. "It came out, he kind of felt pass, it was kind of a soft run fake look to him, and then I think he just kind of morphed into his pass responsibility there. Obviously it was a bad read on his part and he needed to come up and be part of the force there."

Dee Ford, for his part, owned it on Twitter yesterday.

He retweeted someone asking if he was playing the pass.

It's one snap out of hundreds he'll have this season. Yes, it was funny and it's OK to laugh at a silly play a rookie makes because all rookies make silly plays. It has no bearing on his season or his career. It's literally one play.

Here's the play in case you missed it:

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