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The big picture for the Kansas City Chiefs 5 games into the schedule

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The Chiefs are 2-3, but things are definitely looking up for a team on the rise.

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It has been covered how Andy Reid did not have a good game calling plays on Sunday. Reid abandoned the run and turned Knile Davis into a fan against the San Francisco 49ers, leading to a 22-17 loss for the Kansas City Chiefs.

I'm not here to talk about the coaching, but rather where this team appears to be headed as we hit the bye week.

Coming into the season, most Chiefs fans would have taken a 2-3 record at the break, especially after the Week 1 debacle against the Titans. Kansas City isn't in a great position, but it also is far from buried. After five weeks, we have a really good idea of what we can expect - barring injuries - for the next 11 games.

This team is a better version than we saw in 2013. The record does not match up, but the talent is superior. Despite a completely revamped offensive line, the offense is performing at a much higher level than it was through five weeks last season. Travis Kelce and Davis have emerged as legitimate threats, if only Reid would realize it. De'Anthony Thomas could become the next man to take center stage, another potential weapon.

The talk of an improved offense can't go without noting the play of the aforementioned line. Eric Fisher has become a good left tackle over the last five weeks, with Zach Fulton beginning to play good football. Rodney Hudson is very good, and the other spots have begun to hold their own.

Defensively, the unit has been stellar for the most part despite losing Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito for the season, and Eric Berry and Joe Mays for a month to this point. Ron Parker is showing he can play safety, while James-Michael Johnson and Allen Bailey are surprising all of us. Sean Smith has played some of the best ball of his career, ditto for Husain Abdullah.

I'm not sure if the Chiefs will make the playoffs, but I can see they are on the right path. If Kansas City can go on the road and beat the San Diego Chargers in two weeks, they will get to the postseason. If not, the climb will be steep if not impossible.

"We are right there, son of a gun we are right there. We have got to do a couple things better starting with me and we are going to be OK." -Andy Reid

With more cap space and 11 draft picks next offseason, the Chiefs are primed to become a serious contender for a Super Bowl. John Dorsey will have to make the right selections and add nicely in free agency, but it doesn't seem to be a stretch for him considering his first two years on the job. However, thinking of the offseason is worlds away.

After the game on Sunday, Reid was talking in his press conference about the "next man up" mentality the team has employed (as almost all decent teams do), especially on defense. At the end of his answer, he paused before saying what I, along with many, believe.

"We are right there, son of a gun we are right there. We have got to do a couple things better starting with me and we are going to be OK."

If Reid tightens up his playcalling and the players cut out a few errors, look out.