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49ers G Alex Boone: Chiefs Dontari Poe is a monster, 'never seen anything like it'

The Chiefs lost to the 49ers 22-17 but the San Francisco line leaves impressed with Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs lost on Sunday but a San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman is talking about what a beast Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe is. 49ers' Alex Boone plays guard San Francisco so he was going up against Poe on plenty of occasions.

Speaking to the 49ers media after the game, Boone commented on Poe, a 340-pound man with pass rush moves.

"It's like going up against a monster," Boone said, via Niners Nation. "He's a beast. He hit me with a fake inside-outside club, never seen anything like it."

When a proud offensive lineman is saying something like that after the game, you know Poe has done something right.

The play Boone is talking about is shown below. Boone, who is listed at 6'8 and 300 pounds, is No. 75. He is facing Poe, who is listed at 346 pounds but likely a little lighter. Poe fakes inside then goes around Boone. It's not just that pass rush move but the quickness Poe has to get to the quarterback. Colin Kaepernick may have escaped but when the nose tackle is in the quarterback's face he's usually not the only one. Chiefs defensive end Allen Bailey ended up with a sack on this play.

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