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Chiefs' Andy Reid on 12 men on the field, 49ers fake punt, De'Anthony Thomas factor

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid speaks after the game.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I listened to Andy Reid's postgame press conference (via 101 the Fox) after the Kansas City Chiefs 22-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, and he explained a few of the things that went wrong for the Chiefs.

"The thing I was proud about was the way our team battled," Reid said. "But we came up short. there are things we can take from this and get ourselves better. That's what we're doing. We'll get rested up this week and get our health back some and get ourselves ready to go against San Diego."

Read a recap of the game here. Find Reid's updates below.

12 men on the field

This was the worst penalty of the season for the Chiefs so far. With over four minutes left in the game, the 49ers were lining up for a field goal as they held a 19-17 lead. For some reason, the Chiefs had 12 men on the field, which is a penalty. Andy Reid, as he usually does, took responsibility for it.

"Yeah, I'll take the responsibility for that," Reid said. "I have to make sure that I count the guys and make sure everybody down the stretch knows what they're doing and does it."

The Chiefs ended up getting the ball back with two minutes left but that was a bad penalty costing them over two minutes.

The 49ers fake punt

The 49ers ran a fake punt on a 4th and 1 from their own 29-yard line and picked up the first down. This was a big plan because the Chiefs were getting the ball back in a tight game but the 49ers stayed alive.

"Yeah they got us," Reid said. "We prepared for it. Against this team you have to be ready for all this stuff. They got us on that one."

Passing on 3rd and 1

This was frustrating. Instead of running the ball on third and short, the Chiefs passed it on a couple of occasions, and it failed.

"They're normally a big man team in short yardage so we thought we had some decent things up for that,' Reid said. "As a result it didn't work as well as we needed it to."

The punt instead of the FG

The Chiefs decided to punt while on the 49ers 36-yard line. It would have been a 54-yard field goal attempt.

"I thought field position was an important thing," Reid said. "At that time I just thought it was the right thing to do, at that particular time."

DAT's impact

De'Anthony Thomas' first NFL touch came on a punt return where he dodged tacklers for a 28-yard gain. His first touch on offense was a 17-yard TD run. This was his NFL debut after a hamstring injury sidelined him for the first month of the season.

"I wasn't sure how exactly we'd get out of him just from the setbacks that he's had," Reid said. "But I thought he did a nice job when given the opportunity. He had some big plays for us."

Jamaal passes LJ for second on Chiefs all-time rushing list

Jamaal Charles passed Larry Johnson for second on the Chiefs all-time rushing list. He is now 52 yards from Priest Holmes' record.

"He passed up a great one in Larry so that 's a compliment to Jamaal," Reid said. "For all that he's done and will continue to do for the Chiefs, class act. Good football player."

1.6,070  Priest Holmes (2001-07)

2. 6,018  Jamaal Charles (2008-14)

3. 6,015  Larry Johnson (2003-09)

4. 4,897  Christian Okoye (1987-92)

5. 4,451  Ed Podolak (1969-77)

Injury updates

Cyrus Gray fractured his hand.

Phillip Gaines and Chris Owens collided at the end of the game. The Chiefs are just waiting to see if they're OK.