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Jamaal Charles is 133 yards away from Chiefs all-time rushing record

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Jamaal Charles is closing in on the Chiefs all-time rushing record.

Peter Aiken

The San Francisco 49ers don't allow 100-yard rushers very often. In fact, they didn't allow any in the 2013 season, which is pretty amazing even if the running back position is being devalued.

So it's unlikely that we'll be seeing history on Sunday but it's possible. Jamaal Charles sits 133 yards away from breaking the Kansas City Chiefs all-time rushing record.  Currently he sits behind Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson.

The Chiefs top three all-time rushers are listed as so:

1. Priest Holmes (6,070 yards)

2. Larry Johnson (6,015 yards)

3. Jamaal Charles (5,938 yards)

Jamaal is 78 yards from passing LJ and 133 yards from passing Priest Holmes.

Jamaal continues to come back from his ankle injury he suffered in Week 2 so that combined with the rise of Knile Davis and the fact that the 49ers defense is really good, and it seems unlikely he breaks Priest's all-time record in this game.

Jamaal finished with 21 touches last week against the Patriots. Give him another 21 touches in this game and I imagine he would have a strong shot to pass LJ today. He would need a monster day to break Priest's al-time record, especially against this defense. The 49ers allowed a 100-yard rusher Week 1 in DeMarco Murray, who now leads the NFL in rushing.

If Jamaal gets close to this record today, the Chiefs are probably having a good day.