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Chiefs GM John Dorsey watched Jameis Winston and Florida State come back to beat Louisville

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Chiefs GM John Dorsey was in attendance for the FSU-Louisville game on Thursday night.

Andy Lyons

With the Kansas City Royals playing past 10 p.m. two nights this week, I used Thursday as my night to catch up on sleep and went to bed by about 9 p.m. So I didn't see any of the Florida State-Louisville game on Thursday night, which featured Florida State coming back and winning 42-31 after being down by 21 points.

One person who did not have the sleep problems that I did was GM John Dorsey, who attended Thursday's Florida State-Louisville game at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Dorsey wasn't the only NFL GM to attend the game.

Florida State hasn't lost a game in 101 weeks. They set a school record with 18 players drafted in the last two seasons. They're obviously chock-full of NFL talent with the most recognizable being Jameis Winston. I'm not surprised Dorsey was there because he is a guy who likes to go out on the road and scout even more than he's already doing now. This likely isn't his first college football game this year and it won't be his last.