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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 10/31

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Boo! Here's your Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. The steaming heap that is the Jets is frightening. Happy Halloween. Go Chiefs!

Jamie Squire

10/30 Practice Recap: Preparing for Michael Vick from The Mothership

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid keeps finding Jets quarterback Michael Vick in his world, though not necessarily by choice.

"I like him better when he's in my world with the same helmet and team," Reid joked earlier this week. "He's a good football player."

He should know. Vick started 35 times for Reid's Philadelphia Eagles between 2010 and 2012, a stretch that the team went 18-17 in and went to the playoffs once.

The now-Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson is also familiar with Vick, as he served as his quarterbacks coach for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

"Tremendous athlete," Pederson said of the quarterback on Thursday. "He still has the ability to extend plays with his legs. He still has that quickness. He's got a cannon for an arm. Smart quarterback that knows where everybody is going to be on the football field."

New York Jets: A Closer Look from The Mothership

The New York Jets come to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday with a 1-7 record, having lost seven consecutive games.

"We look forward to the challenge of playing the Jets," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said on Wednesday. "We don't look at records. We look at the players and the coaches, and they are good in both those areas. They are playing their hearts out, so we need to make sure we get ourselves right and study the opponent."

The Jets' lone win of the season came in Week 1 against the winless Oakland Raiders, but there's still plenty of talent on the Jets roster.

Chiefs vs. Jets: Five Things to Watch from The Mothership

The Jets have been a run-first team all season, ranking third in the NFL with 236 rushing attempts. They also average 140 yards per game on the ground, which ranks fourth in the NFL.

Considering Vick is completing just 47 percent of his passes this season, combined with the affinity and success of the Jets running the football, the Chiefs defense could help itself by making a concerted effort to shut down the Jets running game and try to make them one dimensional.

The Chiefs defense ranks first in the NFL in fewest plays of 20 yards or more given up with 20, and when you combine that with a couple of premier pass rushers in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, the Chiefs should find success if they're able to control the line of scrimmage and the slow down the Jets running game.

Coordinators Press Conferences 10/30 from The Mothership

Q: You guys do a short passing game. Can you continue to be successful with the way you guys are throwing it?

PEDERSON: "Yeah I think so. Obviously the ball is out quick and everything that you do in the passing game whether it is 3, 5 or 7 steps should come off a vertical step as if you're running a go route or a deep route. We use a multitude of formations, motions and shifts to sort of disguise our three-step passing game and that's been helpful for us as well."

Q: I don't know if I have seen a team that's been as productive offensively as you guys without having to keep teams honest deep. How sustainable is that? It just doesn't seem like a sustainable model.

PEDERSON: "It's strange that things have happened that way for us. I think a part of it is our ability to run the football, particularly in the second half which we did this past weekend. We had success there. The other thing is, if you do throw it short you expect your guys to break tackles and make longer runs. We just have to continue to use the formula that's been working for us and continue to grow off of that."

Chiefs Weekly: Top Social Posts from The Mothership

The Chiefs supported the Royals this week and congratulated them on an incredible season.

Mailbag: Win-Loss Record Outlook from The Mothership

Dave from Wichita: What's the outlook for our win-loss record in terms of personnel (injuries) and strength of schedule?

After winning four of the last five games, there's reason to be optimistic about this Chiefs team moving forward.

If you take out the first game against the Tennessee Titans, a performance that isn't indicative of anything we've seen from the team since, even in the other two losses, both on the road against quality opponents, this team has the look of one that can compete with anyone...e from tying or leading both of those games on the road.

...It's hard to predict anything in the NFL because every team has talent, but it's not out of the question that this team finds their way back into the playoffs again.

After Week 1, I probably wouldn't have said that.

Halloween with the Chiefs Cheerleaders from The Mothership

Each season, the Chiefs Cheerleaders host a group of three to five year old girls through the Angel Chiefs Cheerleaders program. The group is invited to attend an hour long practice monthly, they receive an official uniform and pom pons, as well as attend a picnic and an end of the year Halloween party.

"The Angels spend the summer and fall with us, practicing once a month," Stephanie Judah, Chiefs Cheerleader Director explained. "During their practices they are learning rhythm, movement and dance skills, along with learning how to be a team player and building a relationship with the Chiefs Cheerleaders. It's so fun to see the Cheerleaders interact with these little Angels and see how the Angels look up to them and admire them." Podcast: Chiefs Download 10/31 Video: Locker Room Sound 10/30 Video: Under The Helmet: Alex Smith Video: Game Preview: Chiefs vs. Jets Video: Arrowhead Update 10/30: Vick Still a Threat Video: Focus Point: Week 9 Video: Wired: Hussain Abdullah and Alex Smith Mashup Video: Deron Cherry: Former Player, Forever Fan Video: Coach's Corner: Bob Sutton Video: Every Week is a Battle Video: Twitter Q&A: Cyrus Gray

Week 9: Thursday injury report from Chiefs Digest

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (ribs) put in a full practice Thursday after being limited Wednesday.

Kelce's upgrade is the only significant change on Thursday's injury report ahead of Sunday's game against the New York Jets.

The Chiefs list strong safety Eric Berry (ankle) and cornerback Chris Owens (knee) as limited for the second straight day, raising optimism for the duo's availability in Week 8.

Chiefs defense should feast on woeful Jets offense from FS Kansas City

Vick and the Jets understand the challenge that awaits against a Kansas City defense which is No. 1 against the pass (195.7 yards per game) while ranking third overall (308.6) and in points allowed (18.3). The Chiefs have given up 451 combined yards in consecutive victories over San Diego and St. Louis.

Linebacker Justin Houston had three of their seven sacks in last Sunday's 34-7 home rout of the Rams.

New York has a league-worst minus-15 turnover margin while ranking 28th in both total yards (319.4) and scoring (18.0).

Chiefs not sleeping on QB Michael Vick despite Jets' woeful passing game from Chiefs Digest

The New York Jets rank 32nd in the league in yards passing per game with 179.4, but that mostly came with second-year quarterback Geno Smith at the helm.

New York benched Smith earlier in the week in favor of veteran signal caller Michael Vick, a player the Chiefs coaching staff knows well.

While the 34-year-old Vick may lack some of his youthful explosion, the experience and overall talent are areas the Chiefs won't take him lightly.

Chiefs vs. Jets preview from ESPN

It looks like the Chiefs are taking dink and dunk to a new level. How would you describe their passing game and what's the deal with Alex Smith's shoulder? 

Teicher: It is a dink-and-dunk passing game. Smith last Sunday was the first NFL quarterback in two years to win a game by attempting just one pass longer than 10 yards down the field. While that's an extreme, Smith has had similar games earlier in the season. Shaky protection is part of the problem. The Chiefs have allowed more sacks per pass play than all but four other teams, so the Chiefs put a premium on Smith getting rid of the ball quickly. The Chiefs have no pass play of longer than 33 yards. All the other teams have at least two pass plays of 34 yards or longer. The Chiefs ask their receivers to earn yards after the catch. Tight end Travis Kelce, wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and running back Jamaal Charles do that well.

Chiefs content with short passing game for now from Chiefs Digest

Of note, the Chiefs wide receiving corps hasn't found the end zone through seven games.

While deep passes may be missing in the Chiefs' arsenal for now, Pederson said he believed the offense can continue to succeed with a short passing game.

"Obviously the ball is out quick," he said. "And everything that you do in the passing game whether it is three, five or seven steps should come off a vertical step as if you're running a go route or a deep route. We use a multitude of formations, motions and shifts to sort of disguise our three-step passing game and that's been helpful for us as well."

NFL Preview - N.Y. Jets (1-7) at Kansas City (4-3) (ET) from The Miami Herald


Maybe Ryan will give the speech of his life and rev a 1-7 team. Maybe seeing Reid again will convince Vick that it's 2010. And maybe the Jets will bottle up Charles enough to keep Kansas City in check.

Or, maybe the 20-point loss to Buffalo and Vick's less-than-stellar play in two previous auditions are indicative of a franchise whose disarray surface is just being scratched. Three words: Assume the latter.

Sports Network predicted outcome: Chiefs 27, Jets 10

Vick: I need to play with control from ESPN

Along with a promotion, Michael Vick received a word of warning from New York Jets coach Rex Ryan: Don't fumble.

The turnover-prone Vick, preparing for his first start in a year, fumbled four times -- losing two -- in relief of Geno Smith last week against the Buffalo Bills.

Vick, calling this opportunity "a dream come true," said he didn't need Ryan's reminder to know what he needs to do to help the Jets (1-7) snap a seven-game losing streak Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jets coach Rex Ryan offers high praise for Chiefs' Bob Sutton from Chiefs Digest

"Bob Sutton is an outstanding football coach," Ryan said during Wednesday's media conference call. "And you talk about a guy and obviously you guys know him as a great man, a great leader, and man, does he have those guys playing."

The Chiefs defense under Sutton currently ranks third overall in the league, allowing 308.6 total yards per game, and third in points allowed per game (18.3).

Sutton's defensive secondary ranks first against the pass (195.7 yards allowed per game).

Ryan complimented Sutton's ability to get the most out of players and expressed surprise Sutton hasn't landed a head coaching position in the NFL.

Chiefs' Justin Houston pursues the perfect pass rush from KC Star via The Wichita Eagle

The sounds radiate from the Chiefs' practice field long after most players have left for the locker room.

It's Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston working up a post-practice sweat by pulverizing a padded blocking dummy. He delivers blows with his hands and forearms. Left and right. Over and over again...

...Houston, 25, began the daily drill during the offseason in preparation for the biggest year of his professional career.

Houston, a two-time Pro Bowler, is in the final year of his contract and could be one of the hottest free agents on the market next spring if the Chiefs don't sign him to a new deal or put the franchise label on him for a one-season guarantee of $13 to $15 million.

Chiefs buck league-wide preference for offense by playing defense from Chiefs Digest

High-scoring games and mind-blowing passing numbers are the norm in a modern NFL where weekly production resembles an office Fantasy Football league.

The Chiefs can score points, too, evidenced by a respectable 25.1 points per game average, which ranks 11th in the league.

Still, a concept survives in Kansas City contrary to the NFL's apparent lust for offense: The Chiefs play defense.

A lot of work went into making Knile Davis from ESPN

Toub has helped develop many outstanding return specialists in his time as an NFL coach, including Devin Hester. Davis might have been his biggest challenge. Davis wasn't a returner in college at Arkansas. He's a running back and, for him, catching the ball isn't a natural skill.

So it was ugly at Davis' rookie training camp last year. When Davis wasn't misjudging kicks, he was fumbling them. Through it all, Toub envisioned the payoff if the Chiefs could make this project work.

"He's able to break tackles and his vision, all of those other intangibles that he had were so strong that we had to try to get him to be a good (returner)," Toub said.

Chiefs receivers doing their part after catch from ESPN

Much has been made of the short passing game the Kansas City Chiefs employ each week and whether they can continue to be successful without getting much in the way of big plays.

One thing gives them a chance. Chiefs receivers have done a nice job of making yards after catching those short throws from quarterback Alex Smith.

Chiefs linebackerJosh Mauga wants to show Jets what they missed by letting him go from The Associated Press via FOX News

Finally healthy and given a shot to start, linebacker Josh Mauga suddenly leads the resurgent Kansas City Chiefs in tackles nearing the midway point of the season.

Never heard of him? The New York Jets can give you a primer.

When they visit Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, they will gaze across the field at the very same linebacker that they decided was washed up. Mauga struggled with so many injuries the past couple seasons that the Jets finally let him go, only for him to find a home in Kansas City.

How to Be a Jets Fan In Kansas City from Bleeding Yankee Blue

The big thing everyone remembers about Arrowhead is the smell -- a good smell. Kansas City prides itself on barbecue, and few football stadiums -- college or pro -- have a better reputation for tailgating. If you like to tailgate, this may be your kind of place. Especially if you're willing to swap and share. Chiefs fans are usually friendly -- usually. (More on that in "During the Game.")

Most fans will enter by the spiral walkways at each corner, a holdover from the 1960s sports stadium architecture that also befell Giants Stadium, among others. The field is natural grass, and is aligned northwest-to-southeast, but the NFL considers this to be north-south. The end zones are crowned by oval -- some might say football-shaped -- scoreboards.

In trying times, laughter may be best medicine for Jets from The New York Post

Rex Ryan opened his press conference Thursday with a bit of levity taken from the seventh game of the World Series. "We're going to go with that Bumgarner guy," Ryan said as if announcing his latest change at quarterback.

If only it were true. Certainly, Madison Bumgarner, the San Francisco Giants pitching ace, couldn't be much of a drop-off from Geno Smith. If Smith were half as good at his job as Bumgarner is at his, the Jets wouldn't still be searching for a franchise quarterback.

That's the sad part, which is why Ryan's attempt at humor was sprinkled with a tinge of envy as the Jets could use a competitive and dominating performer like Bumgarner on their team.

What will Jets' Michael Vick be like at 50? Andy Reid makes a prediction from

"I joked to our media here that he's going to be 50 years old and still be the fastest guy on the field and the best arm on the field," Reid said on a conference call. "He's an amazing guy that way. You never slight Michael Vick."

It was Reid who helped welcome Vick back to the NFL in 2009 following his stint at Leavenworth prison. He says that he couldn't be prouder of the transition Vick was able to make in his life both on and off the football field.

Chris Johnson: 'It's been frustrating' from ESPN

During his peak years with the Tennessee Titans, Chris Johnson welcomed the Monday morning aches and pains. It usually meant a busy and productive Sunday.

He longs for those days now.

"I don't really play, so I'm never sore," the New York Jets running back told on Thursday.

The former 2,000-yard rusher, who carried the ball only three times for 7 yards in last weekend's loss to the Buffalo Bills, said he's frustrated with his limited role in the Jets' offense.

Johnson doesn't want to be perceived as a complainer, but he acknowledged this has been a difficult season.

Greg Cote's Week 9 NFL picks from The Fresno Bee

JETS (1-7) at CHIEFS (4-3)

Line: KC by 91/2.

Cote's pick: KC 27-10.

TV: 1 p.m., CBS.

Here's a neat little juxtaposition: Temporary new Jets starting QB Mike Vick facing the former coach, Andy Reid, who rescued Vick's post-prison career when both were in Philly. A doggone nice story! But not one likely to have happy ending for Vick here. Chiefs have a hot Alex Smith and a strong D, and Rex Ryan keeps finding ways to lose. Kansas City, weeping for its Royals, gets some salve for its civic wounds.

Jets defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman says he doesn't know the names of his reserve cornerbacks from

Thurman on Thursday insisted during his weekly media availability that he doesn't know the names of the latest cornerbacks to suit up, after that unit has been besieged by injuries this season.

Already without Dee Milliner, who was lost for the season with a torn Achilles tendon, and rookie Dexter McDougle, with a torn ACL, the Jets could be without Darrin Walls Sunday, because of a calf injury.

That's put Thurman and the secondary in a pretty dire situation.

Six for Sunday: Home field hard to overlook in Broncos-Patriots from CBS Sports

Unsung hero on defense: The whole football world loves J.J. Watt and most consider him the mid-season defensive MVP. Little attention is paid to Justin Houston of the Kansas City Chiefs. Why do I bring up Houston? Because he leads the league in sacks with 10, as well as 11 hits on the QB and 10 tackles for a loss.

When I compared Houston to Watt over the past 19 games, the numbers were very interesting. Houston has 22 sacks, 29 hits on the quarterback and 22 tackles for a loss. In the same number of games, Watt has 14 1/2 sacks, 57 hits on the QB and 21 tackles for a loss. Houston is in the last year of his contract and now faces Mike Vick, who has been sacked 305 times in his career. Houston could really pull away from Watt and the rest of the pass rushers in the league this week and increase his contract value.

1st Round: Boosting Athletic Performance With Textile Technology from California Apparel News

NFL player Jordan Campbell, linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter Shawn Crawford are the first two official athletic endorsements for 1st Round. Egan and Brewster are looking to enlist the support of several other professional athletes, drawing from their personal connections to the sports business. Prior to launching 1st Round, the two entrepreneurs ran a sports agency under the same name while still at the University of Southern California. The two were friends with many of the USC football players and chose the 1st Round name as a nod to their friends' draft status. "A bunch of our USC friends got drafted in the first round," Egan said. "It means being first and being the best. If you're 1st Round, you're the best."

New York Jets Trade Geno Smith's Interceptions for Michael Vick's Fumbles from The Wall Street Journal

Earlier this week at practice, new Jets starting quarterback Michael Vick was busy working on a drill that even high schoolers do. With a football clutched in both hands, he shuffled backward as if preparing to pass while backups Geno Smith and Matt Simms, as well as two coaches, slapped at the ball and tried to jar it loose.

The drill, called the gauntlet, teaches passers to shield the ball with their hands and body when facing pressure. Jets quarterbacks normally do the gauntlet only on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but head coach Rex Ryan added it to Vick's workout on Monday in the aftermath of the Jets' six-turnover performance against Buffalo.

"I guess we should have had it the week before," Ryan said.

Woeful Jets joining NFL's double-digit underdog club from The Chicago Tribune

This is the sixth time since 2010 that there have been four double-digit underdogs in a single NFL weekend, according to sports betting information website Two of those came during the final week of a season when teams were resting key players, including the most recent in Week 17 of 2013.

The Jets (1-7) are underdogs by as many as 10 points at the Kansas City Chiefs, according to Las Vegas sportsbooks. The Jets earlier this week benched second-year quarterback Geno Smith in favor of Mike Vick to try to end a seven-game skid.

"Geno's not in a good place right now," said former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, also a CBS Sports analyst. "He's not making good decisions, he's not seeing the field clearly. It will be good for him to step back. But this is going to be another tough game for them."

Thomason: Week 9 Fantasy Football Sleepers from CBS Chicago

Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs) - One weekly sleeper should be any non-top 12 quarterback playing against the Jets. Last week, Orton threw four touchdowns (should've been five if it weren't for Sammy Watkin's premature celebration) on only 17 attempts. This week it's Smith who gets a lowly Jets pass defense that has allowed a league-worst 22 passing scores on the year, five more than anyone else. New York has also allowed opposing quarterbacks a 113.5 rating, which ranks dead last in the NFL, and has only one interception on the year. This has little to do with Smith and everything to do with how bad the Jets are. Smith is available in 40 percent of CBS leagues.

The AFC At The Halfway Point from National Football Post

Like San Diego, Kansas City is a hard [time] to get a handle on. They opened the season with two straight losses but have come back to win four out of their last five. The last two wins against San Diego and St. Louis have been impressive and the Chiefs just may be on a roll.

The next four games are all winnable as Kansas City plays the Jets, Buffalo, a struggling Seattle team and Oakland. If they win all those games, I feel the Chiefs are as good as in come playoff time.

NFL Week 9: What to watch for in every game from Lindy's Sports


The Jets are playing out the string for a coach destined to be looking for work in two months. The Chiefs are finding their rhythm on both sides of the ball and must focus on every victory in the busy AFC playoff picture.

*Our pick: Chiefs 28-19

Randall the Handle's Week 9 NFL selections from The Toronto Sun

Spotting prohibitive points with the Chiefs might be considered risky, but it sure beats jumping on this Jets train wreck. Kansas City has been playing very well, winning five of six after an 0-2 start. But this isn't about them as much as it is a fade of Rex Ryan's team. The Jets keep turning the ball over and while that can be random among teams, New York's personnel is more prone to it than others. QB Geno Smith was the ringleader but replacing him with 34-year old Michael Vick hardly figures to correct things. The Jets are vulnerable on defence as well, allowing at least 24 points to seven of eight opponents and 30+ four more times. Jets have just one interception on the year!


Les 10 plus grands joueurs de football québécois de l'histoire from The Journal de Montreal [translated from the original French]

10. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Selected in the sixth round by the Kansas City Chiefs in the last NFL draft, Duvernay-Tardif has quickly become the darling of the supporters of football in Quebec. Friendly, intelligent and articulate, Duvernay-Tardif has earned a position with the Chiefs in his first year and has enormous potential.