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Chiefs No. 1 pass defense faces Jets No. 32 passing offense

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The Chiefs and Jets are headed in different directions in the passing game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

What happens when the NFL's No. 1 passing defense goes up against the NFL's No. 32 passing offense?

The Chiefs of course are the No. 1 passing defense by yards after facing Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick and Philip Rivers. There are reasons for that but they've played better than anyone expected thus far.

The Jets have one of the two or three worst quarterback situations in the NFL. They are last in passing yards. Their young starter was benched (a guy by the name of Geno Smith) for the veteran who hasn't started a game this season. Their passing offense has obviously very bad.

The Jets are starting Michael Vick this week, and they do have Percy Harvin now, so there are wrinkles to the Jets offense this week. You would think Vick would pass the ball better than Geno Smith has, and you're probably right. But the last time the Chiefs faced Vick in Week 3 last year when he was with the Eagles, Vick completed 13-of-30 passes for 201 yards and two interceptions. Numbers like that and the Chiefs are probably winning the game.

The other wrinkle is that Vick can obviously run the ball which he showed the last time he faced the Chiefs with 99 rushing yards. That's a legitimate concern the Chiefs will have to account for.

Overall, these numbers should be encouraging to Chiefs fans. You hope that Vick is rusty and that he hasn't build any sort of rapport with Percy Harvin. It's fair to think those things will go in the Chiefs favor on Sunday.