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Where does Madison Bumgarner rank on list of Kansas City's most-disliked sports figures?

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The Giants pitcher dominated the Royals. And for that, I do not like him.

Doug Pensinger

Hate is a strong word. I know that. In the context of sports, it's a good one to use here. Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner was a dominant force in the World Series, coming out of relief in Game 7 to destroy the Royals chances of hoisting a World Series trophy in a 3-2 Giants victory.

Because Bumgarner was so dominant, and because he ruined the dreams of kids around the city -- won't somebody think of the children! -- I think he merits a mention on the list of Kansas City's most disliked athletes.

This is a Chiefs blog so this is obviously Chiefs-centric but here's how I rate my current list of most hated sports figures:

1. The Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named

The 1995 Chiefs team was what I believe to be the finest collection of talent Kansas City has seen since Super Bowl IV. This kicker sits atop the list because he had one job to do. And he failed miserably. Manning has hurt me more often but this one hurt the most.

2. Peyton Manning

Some people like Peyton Manning. I am not one of those people. His Colts and Broncos teams have done enough to my Chiefs teams for me to even consider liking the guy. Sure, he's probably a nice person ... but he has hurt me more than times than anyone else.

3. John Elway

He beat the Chiefs as a player. And he beat the Chiefs as a GM. Maybe the time that's lapsed between the time he last played softened me a little bit because I put him behind Manning right now.

4. Madison Bumgarner

This guy. This freakin' guy. He didn't even look excited to win the World Series. The numbers show Kansas City was sooo ready to celebrate.