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Chiefs' Alex Smith speaks to the media about his injury

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The Chiefs QB appears to be fine.

Peter Aiken

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith suffered a shoulder sprain last week against the St. Louis Rams. You can see the play where it (probably) happened right here.

Smith appears to be fine. He practiced on Wednesday and spoke to the media about the injury. Because the quarterback position is kiiiiinda important, I wanted to share his Q&A with the media here.

Here's what Smith said about his injury (via quotes from the Chiefs):

Q: How's the shoulder?

Smith: "It's doing well. Yeah, feeling good."

Q: When did it happen?

Smith: "Yeah, right there before half, the last play."

Q: How bad did it hurt?

Smith: "Enough that I went in and I was getting some treatment and at halftime getting it looked at. There in the middle of it though, you're pretty loose, you're feeling loose, you kind of keep all of that swelling out and feel pretty good."

Q: You didn't come to your press conference after the game with any ice on your shoulder?

Smith: "Yeah, I got treatment after the game there too, certainly didn't want to make a big deal of it. I felt like it was something I could handle."

Q: Was it scary?

Smith: "For me, I've had a history of stuff with my right shoulder. But no, I was a little sore, I felt good though."

Q: But you expect to be 100 percent this week?

Smith: "Yeah, the last two days have been great. I feel like I've gotten great work in so I expect the same today."

Q: Do you feel the coaches dialed it back in the second half because of your injury?

Smith: "I don't, I hope not. I certainly didn't feel like that, didn't need to be like that. I felt 100 percent and felt like I could do everything that I needed to do."

Q: So you don't think it had anything to do with the short throws in the second half?

Smith: "No, nothing to do with that honestly. Literally, for me I'm going where the defense tells me to and I'm not predetermining anything or anything like that. They had a couple young corners and were playing off and going to protect them."