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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 10/30

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It was an amazing season, Royals. Thank you! Onto the Chiefs...

Peter Aiken

Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith will practice, play against Jets - ESPN

"I’ve had a history of stuff with my right shoulder," Smith said. "I was a little sore, but I felt good.

Chiefs linebacker Joe Mays practices Wednesday for the first time in two months | The Kansas City Star

"Our docs thought it was time to get him back doing football things," Reid said. "But we're going to take it nice and slow with him." The Chiefs now have three weeks to add Mays, who wore a brace on his wrist, to the active roster. If they don't, then he reverts to regular injured reserve and he'll be done for the season.

Rex Ryan comes with praise for Tamba Hali - ESPN

"For my money, I like Tamba Hali the best,’’ Ryan said.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets preview - ESPN

I don’t think the change will solve the turnover problem, but Vick might bring a spark to the offense. He isn’t the Vick of 2010, but he’s still capable of escaping trouble with his legs. That alone will be good for a few first downs a game. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds to a full week of practice reps with the starters, something he hasn’t had with the Jets, including training camp.

Chiefs’ Knile Davis named AFC special teams player of the week | The Kansas City Star

"It's a great tribute to him, (special teams coach Dave) Toub and the guys that were blocking for him, all the way around," Chiefs football coach Andy Reid said. It's the first time Davis has won the award, though he also returned a 108-yard kickoff for a touchdown last season against Denver.

Lamar Hunt: Searching for Answers

Great names like Bell, Lanier, Robinson, Taylor, Tyrer, Dawson and company were now conspicuous by their absence.  Hank Stram’s replacements could not replace him. In the midst of the decline Hunt blamed himself. "I take the blame for the Chiefs fall," he wrote Jack Steadman, the team’s general manager, "letting our talent scouting and talent securing go sour."