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James Hasty or Willie Roaf would look good in a Chiefs uniform about now

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Marshall Faulk is asking Chiefs fans which player from Chiefs history they would take and put on the team today.

The Chiefs have a had a lot of greats so you could take a player like Tony Gonzalez or Priest Holmes and they would be great with the team. Tony Gonzalez would probably be my overall choice here. But Tony G. is great and everyone knows it, so let's focus in on the Chiefs three biggest needs -- cornerback, offensive line and wide receiver. Because I remember the 90s and 00s the best, I am also going to focus (mostly) on players from that era. Older Chiefs fans, please educate me in the comments.

Cornerback - James Hasty

At cornerback, the Chiefs have options like James Hasty, Dale Carter or Ty Law. (Too soon to say Brandon Flowers?) It would be tough to pass up Dale Carter because he's one of my all-time favorite Chiefs. But we're in a league with Roger Goodell who doesn't like players to have some, ahem, fun so we'll go with Hasty and his bump and run coverage, which would fit perfectly in Kansas City.

Offensive line - Willie Roaf

At offensive line, you can basically go to the 2003 Chiefs offensive line and take any of those players for an upgrade. Willie Roaf is a Hall of Fame tackle that would make the Chiefs better immediately. Casey Wiegmann is a great center who played for a long time. Will Shields is one of the best players in Chiefs franchise history. Brian Waters? Shoot, I'd consider taking him right now.

Wide receiver - Otis Taylor

There are less options at receiver. At 6'3 and 215 pounds, Otis Taylor was way before his time. He would fit in today's game much better. Stephon Paige actually holds one of the highest marks for receiving yards in a single game so he would be another consideration.

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