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The Chiefs watched JJ Watt's tape every week

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone remember Jerrell Powe? He was a Chiefs 2011 sixth round pick who stuck with the team for a few years. He's now with the Texans but he told an interesting story to their team website this week. Apparently, the Chiefs used to watch a lot of Powe's teammate JJ Watt film last season.

Check it out:

Watt was a film study favorite of the Chiefs defensive line coach, Tommy Brasher, a veteran with 25 years of NFL experience.

"We always watched film on him when we were in Kansas City," Powe said on the Verizon Texans Players radio show on Tuesday. "Coach Brasher always used to make us watch his pass rush cut up every Friday so every Friday we had to watch J.J.'s game from last week."

He said JJ Watt was the only player they watched every week. I'm not sure if they still do that but that's a cool story. JJ Watt is obviously an insane, incredible player. He's so good that people are wondering if he can become the first defensive player since 1986 to win NFL MVP (Lawrence Taylor). So it's not all that surprising that coaches like watching him.