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2014 NFL power rankings as the Kansas City Chiefs strength of schedule

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We are going to take a different look at this week's 2014 NFL power rankings.

Go here to see the Week 9 SB Nation NFL power rankings. The Chiefs are ranked 11th which sounds about right at the moment.

I have done the math (hey, this wasn't part of the job) to figure out the average power ranking of the seven opponents the Chiefs have already played, compared to the average power ranking of the nine remaining opponents. Here is the Chiefs schedule so you can match those teams up (guess who is No. 32).

First seven games (14.4 average power ranking)

*Bold are the Chiefs wins ... which you probably know if you'e reading a Chiefs blog.

Titans (30) + Broncos (1) + Dolphins (18) + Patriots (3) + 49ers (13) + Chargers (9) + Rams (27)

Last nine games (16.2 average power ranking)

Jets (28) + Bills (16) + Seahawks (12) + Raiders (32) + Broncos (1) + Cardinals (2) + Raiders (32) + Steelers (14) + Chargers (9)

Oops, I didn't mean to bold the Jets game so early.

So the Chiefs schedule does get easier down the road. The Seahawks game looks easier given the way they've started the season. The Cardinals game looks a LOT harder after they beat the Eagles. The Steelers are about where I thought they would be.