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Join the Arrowhead Pride Fanduel league this week

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It's fun and you could win money.

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I have to admit, I am getting a little obsessed with Fanduel. I am the guy in season-long fantasy leagues who checks out when my team ends up sucking (which happens four out of five years). I am the equivalent of a receiver who does not get the ball and mentally checks out early. A diva, if you will.

With that said, Fanduel has been my go-to game this year because it's by week. We have partnered up with Fanduel this year and this week Fanduel created a league specifically for Arrowhead Pride users (none of those Broncos or Raiders fans here).

It's a $5 entry fee to play our game this week. Click here to play in our league. Yes, there are prizes for the top teams, which I've listed below.

You are given a salary cap of $60,000 and must pick the team that will put up the most fantasy points. Players are at different price points based on how good they are and how many points they're expected to put up.

The strategy behind it is interesting because you need to get lucky on some players. A player like Peyton Manning or DeMarco Murray isn't necessarily the best choice because they are two of the most expensive players and lots of people will be picking them. The same goes for Jamaal Charles, who is the eighth most expensive player.

So check out the game, join it, and do some trash talking if you come out on top. But if you do win our league ... the barbecue is on you for the next tailgate.

1st: $100.00
2nd: $50.00
3rd: $35.00
4th: $30.00
7th-8th: $20.00
9th-11th: $15.00
12th-15th: $12.50