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Chiefs game day drum will be blessed, and more Native American Heritage Months events

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The Chiefs will honor Native American Heritage Month.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs announced several events for Sunday's Chiefs-Jets game in connection with Native American Heritage Month, including a blessing of the Chiefs drum used before each game.

"We are pleased to announce our alignment with the American Indian Community Working Group and details for American Indian Heritage Month this week," Chiefs President Mark Donovan said in the Chiefs release. "This represents the culmination of a number of positive discussions that focused on educating our fans and creating awareness of American Indian history and heritage within the Chiefs Kingdom."

The Chiefs press release talked about awareness and dialogues between the groups so that's the message the Chiefs are trying to get out there -- that they're talking to someone and making an effort to educate the fan base. The Chiefs were also able to mention that the team was named after former Mayor H. Roe Bartle.

Some of these are events on Sunday are things that the KC Star's Sam Mellinger wrote about several months ago. Sam's post does a good job with a sensitive issue.

Read the Chiefs press release below:

Blessing of the Four Directions

Performed by Moses Starr Jr., a spiritual leader of the Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes from Concho, Okla. Tribal leaders from a number of tribes with a historical presence in the Chiefs Kingdom will participate and will be accompanied by tribal representatives carrying their tribal sovereign nation flags.

Drum Blessing Ceremony

Representatives from the Native community will bless the Chiefs drum, which is used before each game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Honor Song

To be performed in recognition of former Kansas City Mayor H. Roe Bartle, for whom the Chiefs are named.

American Indian Honor Color Guard

The We-Ta-Se, American Legion 410 Honor Color Guard, who are members of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, will present the colors for the day's game.

National Anthem

Tabitha Fair, an Oklahoma native of Chickasaw descent, will perform the National Anthem along with the Chickasaw Nation Youth Choir.

Drum Mallet Delivery

Spiritual leader Moses Starr Jr., joined by American Indian youth, will deliver the drum mallet to Chiefs Hall of Fame inductee and leader of the pregame drum ceremony, Priest Holmes.