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Michael Vick will start for Jets vs. Chiefs, Geno Smith on the bench

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The Chiefs will be facing a backup QB.

Al Bello

For the second consecutive season, Andy Reid will be facing Michael Vick.

The New York Jets announced it would be Vick and not Geno Smith who starts on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

This is not the best news for the Chiefs because Vick is likely a better player right now than Geno Smith, who threw three early picks last Sunday. Still, the Chiefs are going to be heavy favorites against Vick though.

Vick started for the Eagles last year when they hosted the Chiefs a game the Chiefs won. Vick completed 13-of-30 passes in that game for 201 yards and two interceptions. He also had a 61-yard run so that will be something to watch out for.

The Chiefs went through a hell of a run of quarterback early this season facing Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers and Colin Kaepernick. Now they get another backup just like the 2013 season where they had an uncanny run against backup quarterbacks.