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Andy Reid on NFL trade deadline: "I haven't heard of anything right now"

"I haven't heard of anything right now," Andy Reid said.

Kyle Rivas

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport said over the weekend that he's heard the Chiefs have some interest in Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson. We still don't expect anything to happen there but with the NFL trade deadline is coming up on Tuesday afternoon, 'tis the season to be wondering which moves could be made.

The truth is that if you have any expectations for the trade deadline you're probably going to be underwhelmed. There aren't many big trades around this time of year.

That said, Andy Reid was asked on Monday about the trade deadline coming up.

"I haven't heard of anything right now," Reid said. "I know they're pounding it. Dorsey stays on that like a wild man. They're always staying, like around these times when things are happening they are on lockdown mode. He's got his guys in there doing that."

The Chiefs are looking good in the 2015 NFL Draft with a few compensatory picks expected. The Chiefs can't trade those compensatory picks but they will have assets to trade if they need to. The Chiefs don't feel like they're one player away form dramatically improving -- "They're a good football team," as Andy Reid might say about his own team -- so I'm not banking on any deadline moves.

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