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Chiefs snap counts in a dominant performance over the Rams

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Snap counts for the Chiefs-Rams game.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In most of our snap count articles, there are a number of players who play every single snap. That wasn't the case with the Chiefs defense nor their quarterback as some of the starters, including Alex Smith, came out of the game early because the Chiefs were laying such a beat down on the St. Louis Rams.

I don't have any major issues with the snap counts (besides the usual "Travis Kelce needs to play more"). Let's take a look.


Position Player Snaps
C Rodney Hudson 66
G Zach Fulton 66
G Mike McGlynn 66
OT Eric Fisher 66
OT Ryan Harris 66
QB Alex Smith 63
TE Anthony Fasano 56
WR Dwayne Bowe 52
RB Jamaal Charles 43
WR AJ Jenkins 39
TE Travis Kelce 38
RB Knile Davis 22
FB Anthony Sherman 20
WR Junior Hemingway 18
RB De'Anthony Thomas 14
TE Demetrius Harris 14
WR Frankie Hammond 10
QB Chase Daniel 3
WR Albert Wilson 2
G Jeff Linkenbach 1
OT Donald Stephenson 1

  • Alex Smith came out of the game late because the Chiefs were stomping the Rams so badly. Chase Daniel came in for the final snaps.
  • Travis Kelce still not playing enough. That's only 58 percent of the snaps.
  • Knile Davis had 22 snaps. He carried the ball on 16 of those snaps.
  • The more Anthony Sherman plays, the more the Chiefs are running the ball and the more they are (probably) winning.
  • De'Anthony Thomas continues to see more. He had some action in the Chiefs early scripted plays. The question with him remains whether he can ever become a regular part of the offense.
  • The Chiefs went heavy on a goal line play, which is where the snap for Jeff Linkenbach and Donald Stephenson comes from.


Position Player Snaps
CB Sean Smith 52
LB Justin Houston 46
CB Ron Parker 45
CB Phillip Gaines 39
LB James-Michael Johnson 39
LB Josh Mauga 38
S Husain Abdullah 38
NT Dontari Poe 36
DE Jaye Howard 33
LB Tamba Hali 32
DE Allen Bailey 30
CB Marcus Cooper 23
DE Vance Walker 22
S Kurt Coleman 19
CB Jamell Fleming 17
LB Dee Ford 16
LB Frank Zombo 14
S Kelcie McCray 14
DT Kevin Vickerson 11
LB Josh Martin 8

  • There were 52 total snaps on defense. Only one player (Sean Smith) played every snap. That's because Andy Reid pulled most of his starters at the end of the game.
  • Jamell Fleming came out early in the game with a hamstring injury.
  • Marcus Cooper saw more snaps than he did last week. He was on the bench in favor of Fleming before Fleming's injury.
  • Vance Walker finally saw a lot of snaps. He was signed to a multi-year deal this offseason but hasn't been a full-time player.
  • Dee Ford and Frank Zombo saw a lot more playing time with some Chiefs defensive starters taking a seat early. Ford picked up his first career sack (which he shared with Allen Bailey).
  • Kevin Vickerson is such a large man. I wish more teams would run consistently on the Chiefs just so we could see him play more. He's fun to watch.