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Travis Kelce talks about that time he juked that Rams player out of his shoes

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Travis Kelce responds to his excellent juke from Sunday's Chiefs-Rams game.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It was a third down in the second quarter. Travis Kelce, as he had been doing more in this game, lined up on the outside. Alex Smith snapped the ball while Kelce ran out a couple of steps and looked back for the ball.

Smith saw him, threw the ball and Kelce caught it as the defender was coming in to tackle him. But then Kelce did a little shimmy, a move the media (H/T Terez Paylor) dubbed the Dream Shake.

Kelce shook off the defender, who left his feet and ended up sprawled out on the ground, and continued on for the end zone. He was tripped up one yard shy -- he told us after the game he actually thinks he got in -- setting up Jamaal Charles' touchdown on the next play.

"That's just instincts," Kelce said. "You gotta make a play. I believe it was third down. Just instincts. Feeling out where the defense is and making plays."

It looked even better watching it live from the press box. Kelce is listed at 6'5 and 260 pounds. A man that size has no business moving like that.

"I do have a basketball background but those are just instincts," Kelce said.

Every game it seems there is a play from Kelce that will have me talking after the game. He's one of those guys where it doesn't look like he's sprinting but all of a sudden you realize he's out running a safety. This move, the Dream Shake, is similar to that. It doesn't look like he did a whole lot but it was just enough to throw the defender off and create 10-plus yards after the catch.

Now spend the rest of the day like me and watch this play again and again.