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Kansas City Chiefs are heavy favorites over the New York Jets

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The Chiefs are an 11-point favorite depending on who you ask.

Chris Trotman

We will have more to write about the Chiefs victory over the Rams but I wanted to briefly peek ahead briefly to next week when the Chiefs play the New York Jets.

The game is at Arrowhead. Can you guess what the line is on that game? One outlet has the Chiefs as 11-point favorites. The game opened at 7.5 points.

That is a BIG line in the NFL, which isn't like college with their 20+ point lines. In Week 8 the largest line in the league is the Cowboys over the Redskins (10.5).

I don't think of the Chiefs as a team who are going to put up tons of points and blow you (edited) out, but ... sometimes they do. Case in point: Sunday. The Chiefs under Andy Reid have historically beaten bad teams, minus the Titans outlier.

The Chiefs have beaten the last two teams who came to Arrowhead by 27 and 27 points. They're playing really well. The Jets and their quarterback(s) are not playing well. The Chiefs should win this game.

Does anyone think it will be closer than that? After reading about the Jets quarterback play, it's hard to argue against it.