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Knile Davis 99-yard kick return TD was the turning point in the Chiefs-Rams game

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The Chiefs pulled away after Knile Davis' 99-yard run back.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Just this week, Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub said:

"Our kick-return game, we are, to be honest with you, disappointed right now."

The correct follow up response was a 99-yard touchdown return for Knile Davis. Credit the blockers for doing their job and Davis for making a terrific run. That was THE turning point in the game. The Chiefs had kicked a field goal in the final seconds of the first half to make it 10-7 and got the ball back to start the second half. That's a free possession over the opponent, scoring twice is a major shot. That's exactly what the Chiefs did, running it back and making the score 17-7.

We'll forget because the final score was 34-7 but this was a 7-7 game late in the first half. The Chiefs didn't pull away until the second half, and this kick return is what sparked it.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher told the media after the game that it was a "bad kick" on their part.

"We were trying to get a deep left kick and he just shanked it, and they got off to the run. I haven't seen it on film, but usually when that happens you're going to get potentially a hold or two, and it's uncharacteristic of our cover team to not make that play. But that was it, that was a key play, and that's what they needed in this game. And we didn't get that."

Any time that scores points from their special teams is going to be a dangerous team. The Rams proved that last week with terrific special teams play en route to their victory over the Seahawks.