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Justin Houston halfway to Derrick Thomas' Chiefs single season sack record

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Derrick Thomas had 20 sacks in 1990, the most sacks in a single season by any Chiefs player in history. Justin Houston is already at 10.

Kyle Rivas

The Chiefs sack record watch is on.

Justin Houston, the Chiefs fourth year pass rush who we all knew was set for a monster season, is having a monster season. Houston had three sacks on Sunday against the Rams which puts him at 10 for the season. That leads the NFL.

Houston is on pace to break the Chiefs single-season sack record held by Derrick Thomas, who had 20 in his second season in the league.

"I'll worry about that at the end of the season," Houston said after the game when asked about chasing the record. "Right now I'm taking it one game at a time. My goal is to get as many sacks as I can every game, that's my job. Every time I can put pressure on the quarterback, that's a plus."

His numbers so far this year are just awesome. Three multi-sack games. At least one sack in all but one game this season. These are good ones:

By my count, Houston is currently on pace for a little less than 23 sacks. Seven games is a decent sized sample size, too.

Of course, we said similar things last year and then Houston missed more than a month with an injury in the second half of the season.

This is not a big surprise to a lot of Chiefs fan. Most Chiefs fans would have told you Houston was going to have a big year. Not only is it a contract year but Houston has gotten better in each year of his career. He's only 25 years old. This was the next step.

Barring any injuries, DT's record is in jeopardy.

(Crazy / random DT stat: He had 27 sacks in one season in college. 27!)